bio10 forte

intensive depigmenting treatment ampoules

2 ml
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New, innovative anti-dark-spot treatment in ampoules, with a combination of active ingredients including our exclusive B-CORE 221TM depigmenting technology. This targeted encapsulation and release system travels directly to the melanin-producing cells where it releases the encapsulated active substance for a more efficient depigmenting effect.


Application and recommendation

Who is it recommended for?

Pieles preocupadas por las manchas oscuras, solares, hormonales o melasmas, lentigos seniles, marcas post-inflamatorias inducidas por tratamientos dermatológicos, luz azul contaminantes medio-ambientales, marcas de acné y cicatrices.


Apply morning and night to the face, neck and décolletage to perfectly cleansed skin, massaging in gently until fully absorbed.
15 ampoules = 30 applications

The assets
B-CORE 221™ TechnologyCombination of active ingredients with a smart delivery system
Tiny, smart capsules transport the active ingredient straight the basal layer fully intact, without wasting time or any of the active substance.With sensors that target the melanocyte without wasting time or any of the active substance.Designed to attach correctly and solely to the melanocyte where it is absorbed and releases 100% of the active ingredient, for quick, effective depigmentation.
Kojic Acid Blocks the tyrosinase enzyme that triggers melanin production.
Stable vitamin C An antioxidant that neutralises free radicals and fades existing melanin spots.
Sclareolide Prevents pigmentation induced by external skin irritants (UV radiation, blue light, pollution…)
Marine Exopolysaccharide Blocks melanosome transference to superficial layers of the epidermis. Acts on dark spots caused by pollution.

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