concentrado bella

bella flash luminosity

single-dose serum

7 x 0,3gr
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This illuminating, anti-dark-spot concentrate in single-dose capsules, brightens and evens skin tone, restoring its natural splendour and protecting it from external contaminating agents. Fades darks spots and evens skin tone.
Protects and repairs skin damage caused by pollution, UV radiation and smoke. Prevents premature skin ageing.
In a single-dose, pearl format and with a silky-smooth texture, this intensive brightening treatment can be used at the same time as your usual beauty routine.
Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
Paraben free
Biodegradable plant capsules

Application and recommendation

Who is it suitable for?
Woman aged 35 to 50 years wanting a young, luminous skin and to delay skin ageing.

Open the capsule and apply the content to the entire face in the morning. Massage in gently until fully absorbed. Then apply your usual cream or treatment.

The assets
Plankton extract A depigmenting treatment with several mechanisms of action. Reduces the quantity and activity of tyrosinase, reduces melanin production, prevents age-related hyperpigmentation, controls DNA skin repair genes… Brightens the skin and reduces melanin contrast, size and content.
Dimethylmethoxy chromanol This molecule is an antioxidant and protects the skin from damage and oxidative stress caused by aggressive substances.
Protection from pollution and photoprotective effect.

Travel Beauty: Single-dose pearls, ideal for travel or for keeping in your make-up bag for emergencies.

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