This summer, give your skin a holiday

Welcome, Summer! Now is the time for days at the pool or on the beach, trips to the mountains and holidays in faraway places. There are millions of things you can do over the coming months, however, when it comes to your skin, there’s only one alternative: make sunscreen part of your daily routine!

To protect and care for your skin wherever you are, Bella Aurora has a wide choice of sunscreens so that you can pick the one best for your skin type, tastes, needs and activities. All Bella Aurora sunscreens give maximum protection from UVA, UVB and IR light and contain depigmenting ingredients that correct dark spots on the skin and prevent the appearance of new ones. And of course, they guarantee an even tan!

Treat your dark sports, deep moisturise and care for your skin

Anti-dark-spot sunscreen lotion SPF50+ for normal/dry skins. As well as giving maximum protection from UVA, UVB and IR sunlight, this lotion reduces existing dark sports and prevents the appearance of new ones. Formulated with argan oil for superior hydration, it promotes healing and stimulates skin regeneration.

Protect your skin and say goodbye to blemishes

Is your skin mixed, oily or acne-prone? With Anti-dark-spot gel SPF50 for mixed/greasy skin you can control sebum production, improve the appearance of your skin and treat your dark spots at the same time. With an ultra-light, quickly absorbed, oil-free texture, it leaves skin matte and luminous.

You’ll fall in love with this pre-make-up base.

If you want to improve the texture and appearance of your skin while protecting yourself from the sun, Perfecting pre-base make up SPF50+ is perfect for you. Apply to obtain a smooth, even, light surface before make-up, concealer or foundation. Instantly reduces the appearance of pores, fine expression lines and blemishes.

Maximum protection with an anti-ageing effect!

Sunscreen is your best friend for preventing premature skin ageing. The sun damages cell DNA, interferes with skin tone and causes skin dehydration. Solar anti-ageing serum SPF50+ softens lines and wrinkles, treats dark spots, fights sagging and encourages natural skin regeneration.

A protector that can keep up with you, even underwater!

If you love outdoor activities and sport, your best teammate this summer is Beach&Sport SPF50+ protector. It has an anti-pollution effect that protects your skin from substances and environmental toxins (gases, tobacco smoke), while preventing mineral loss through perspiration. The spray format is perfect for reapplying and refreshing your skin when needed!


We’re sure you have found your perfect Bella Aurora sunscreen. Now make it your go-to product and enjoy the sunshine!