Three tips for caring for sensitive skin this summer

piel sensible

At last, the good weather is here! It’s time for long strolls and afternoons in pavement cafés full of smiles and laughter. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may feel some discomfort at this time of year, since changing temperatures can trigger irritation, redness, stinging, dryness and even flaking.

Bella Aurora has a comprehensive range of treatments formulated specifically for sensitive skins which will soothe your skin when the weather is hot and keep dark spots at bay. Learn about the beauty ritual specifically formulated for sensitive skin!

Use the right cleansing products for your skin type

Good cleansing is essential to all skin types, but for delicate skins it is even more important. Impurities that build up on the skin such as the remains of makeup should be removed morning and night so as not to block pores and cause irritation.

Cleansing the skin as gently as possible is important, so avoid harsh soap and sulphates. The Micellar Gel is specifically formulated to care for delicate skin, with active substances like Arabian cotton stem cells and Bisabol, which has a soothing, antioxidant effect. It also give natural protection to the skin against environmental pollution thanks to a mixture of ginseng, wheat, barley, apple and peach.

Care for your skin with specific treatments

Delicate skins need special care, with specific treatments that help to minimise adverse reactions. With active ingredients that will not irritate, bio10 treatment for sensitive skin helps to keep melanin spots and lipofuscin spots at bay by acting on all the skin depigmentation mechanisms. It is not photosensitive, so you can use it year-round, even in summertime.

What’s more, the Arabian Cotton stem cells in the formula give sensitive skin the extra care it needs. Strengthens and restores the immune system against external agents, reduces inflammation, lessens redness, soothes and regenerates… For daylong comfort and wellbeing!

Eyes protect is ideal for the delicate eye contour area. This treatment works on all fronts, visibly reducing undereye puffiness and shadows, lighting dark spots and softening the signs of ageing. Redefines your eyes! Ophthalmologically tested.

Sunscreens are essential!

The sun is the main culprit when it comes to dark spots and skin ageing. Sensitive skin is more likely to burn, so it is essential you apply sunscreen before you go outside.

The anti-dark-spot sunscreen for sensitive skin with SPF50 gives total protection against UVA, UVB and IR light while caring for sensitive skins the way they deserve. It reduces inflammation, soothes and regenerates the skin with Arabian Cotton stem cells, while treating existing dark spots and preventing the appearance of new ones. What’s more, its Protect-Adapt system protects skin from seasonal and temperature changes.

You’ll find the full range of Bella Aurora for sensitive skins at your pharmacy!