The ultimate guide to sunscreen

When your lipstick comes off, you re-apply it, when your hair gets tangled in the wind, you brush it, when your hands feel dry, you moisturise them.. But do you reapply your suntan lotion once your skin has completely soaked it up?

Many people forget this oh-so-important quick and easy step, which protects the face from burning, prevents dark spots appearing and halts accelerated premature ageing. Keep your skin healthy, bright and free of dark spots by protecting it from the sun.

That’s why we are going to remind you of some basic sunscreen rules, just in time for Easter. Take note!

   1. Choose the sunscreen which works best for you

Luckily, nowadays there is wide range of sunscreens available. So, you can choose whichever suits your skin and needs best.

By choosing an anti-dark-spot sunscreen for your skin type (normal, drycombination, greasy or sensitive) you can prevent dark spots and provide your skin with the care it needs.

Choose your sunscreen according to your lifestyle: if you do a lot sport outside you can use a spray, like Beach&Sport SPF50+. If you wear make-up every day, Pre-base SPF50+ cream is best for you and if you like to keep things simple, the most practical option is our “all in one” CC Cream SPF50+.

Whatever your skin type, you’ll find an almost made-to-measure sunscreen in the range of solar protectors by Bella Aurora! They all offer optimum protection against UVA, UVB and infrared light, as well as looking after your skin with depigmenting, moisturising, soothing and antioxidant ingredients.

   2. Make sure you slip-slop-slap before you step out of the door!

Whether it be sunny or cloudy, sunlight affects the skin. That’s why we recommend spending just two minutes each morning applying sunscreen. Your skin will be eternally grateful. Make it a habit every day of the year, no excuses!

Every morning, after using your moisturiser and about 30 minutes before stepping out the door, apply sunscreen generously and evenly to your whole face. It is important to follow this order so each product works as it should.

Experts recommend 2 mg/cm2 (the size of half a walnut for the whole face). Applying less than necessary can significantly decrease the level of protection it will give your skin. Also, make sure you don’t forget your neck, ears and all of those vulnerable spots on your body. Don’t leave anywhere unprotected!

   3. Make sure your sunscreen is always in your handbag!

Sweating, rubbing and many other factors cause the product to partially disappear or lose its effectiveness throughout the day. How often you reapply depends on your daily routine, the amount of time you’re in the sun and the time of day.

When at the beach you should apply sunscreen at least every two hours, so your skin is completely protected. And if you go for a dip or dry yourself with a towel you must re-apply, even if it’s not been two hours!

When it comes to daily use, it is not necessary to re-apply every two hours, as you are not continually in the sun. But remember to put it on the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun before leaving the office or if you have been sweating heavily.

With these little tips, you will have perfectly protected skin this Easter!