The joy of feeling like yourself again

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Bella Aurora Labs’ most recent discovery is more than a powerful depigmenting ingredient for treating dark spots. It is also a master formula that will boost your essence and vitality.

The time comes when we start noticing changes that worry us or make us feel vulnerable. For example, you might get a dark spot on a part of your face that was once even. And once you have seen that dark spot, you just can’t stop looking at it and wishing that it would disappear.

After two years of research, the team at Bella Aurora has been able to help many women who have experienced changes in their mood and state of mind when a dark spot appears. Now, after this study, the company has succeeded in creating a unique, exclusive technology that achieves results in just three weeks.

bio10 forte, a new intensive depigmenting treatment that comes in ampoules, has been specifically formulated to do away with those worrying dark spots.

Applying the ampoule every morning to your face will make you feel great. Repeat at night before applying your usual cream and, in just three weeks, your skin will be glowing and reflecting your happiness again.