Bella Aurora launches ground-breaking technology to treat dark spots


For more than 129 years, Bella Aurora has been at the forefront of research into the problem of dark spots, searching for solutions to treat and remove them. Now, after more than two years’ research and development, Bella Aurora has launched an exclusive technology that heralds a new stage in the way we understand and treat dark spots.

B-Core 221TM Technology is an innovative, revolutionary system of integrated active substances in a smart capsule that carries it to the basal layer so that the depigmenting ingredients go straight to the melanocyte, without any of it getting lost along the way. Thanks to this format, the capsule adheres perfectly to the melanocyte and, once in place, it releases 100% of the ingredient for a faster, more efficient depigmenting effect.

The first launch to incorporate this new B-Core 221TM Technology is Intensive bio10 depigmenting treatment ampoules. An intensive treatment for all types of dark spots, marks, sunspots, hormonal spots and melasmas, liver spots and post-inflammatory marks caused by dermatological treatments, blue light and environmental pollution.
bio10 forte ampoules are suitable for all skin types and are the perfect addition to any daily skin treatment.

With this new patent, Bella Aurora secures its position as a global leader in skin depigmenting. The results are visible in just 3 weeks.