BellaAuroraXCocoDávez: art steeped in memories


When a hundred-year-old brand and a promising Spanish contemporary artist fall in love, it can only mean one thing: magic!

Multifaceted Valeria Palmeiro – aka Coco Dávez – an artist enjoying national and international success, enchanted us from the moment we met. We wanted to create an exclusive gift to celebrate 128 years of Bella Aurora that would bring us up close to a creative and emotional process for the brand and for the artist.

According to Coco Dávez, designing the limited edition of Bella Aurora was akin to uncovering a treasure trove of childhood memories. In 1953, her grandfather opened the perfumery that her family still runs today where the artist spent some unforgettable times.

“I spent plenty of Christmases selling packs of Bella Aurora, a familiar cream. I’m delighted the brand has grown, and you can’t imagine how thrilled I am that my father is going to have these packs on his shelves”, she said.

Discover the limited edition designed by Coco Dávez by clicking here and enjoy this perfect fusion of art and beauty.