The best-kept beauty secret

secretos de belleza

Bella Aurora wants to take care of you and give you the best beauty tips, but we know that every skin is different and tips and products that are perfect for one women may not work for others. That’s why we’re not going to give you any advice or tips for younger skin. We’ve only have one thing to say: Trust your mother’s beauty routine.

Have you ever shared beauty tips with your mother? If so, they’re sure to be the best you’ve ever heard. She really knows you, she knows what your skin needs and, above all, it worked for her, so why not take them on board?

Bella Aurora is a beauty secret passed down through generations for more than 128 years. How has it survived?

The answer is easy. As well as the latest generation technology for really efficient products, Bella Aurora has a specific range for every stage of life:

linea bella



Bella: noticing early signs of ageing? 

It’s important to combat the first signs of ageing. Now is the time to find some first anti-ageing products to give your skin all the nutrients it needs. That’s why we recommend the Bella range to treats the first signs of ageing. As well as hydrating, nourishing and reversing the effects of environmental pollution, it prevents dark sports. Perfect for daughters wanting to follow in their mothers’ footsteps!



linea splendor


Splendor: caresses for mature skins.

We recommend the Splendor range for women who want to give their skin something extra. An anti-ageing treatment which, through epigenetics, combats all ten signs of skin ageing. Ideal for mothers who know what works for them!





Now you can be a guardian of this beauty secret, how will you keep it alive?