Sensitive skin with dark spots?


Do changing temperatures affect your skin? Skin, particularly sensitive skin, suffers more than usual in autumn…. What’s more, if you’re trying to get rid of dark spots, finding an efficient cream to care for your skin can be a real headache!

At Bella Aurora laboratories we know how difficult caring for delicate skin can be, which is why we have created a specific range for sensitive skins whose most powerful product is bio10 anti-dark-spot shock treatment. It contains effective yet gentle active ingredients that combat dark spots as well as Arabian Cotton stem cells that soothe, reduce inflammation and regenerate skin.

A study has proven that used twice daily for six weeks, bio10 for sensitive skin reduces skin pigmentation by up to 91%.

“We focus on formulating efficient anti-dark-spot treatments that are kind to the skin. We don’t want to use aggressive ingredients, which is why we work every day to innovate and find new depigmentation solutions”, said Jordi Segura, R&D director at Bella Aurora.

Who could have thought we’d be able to care for skin and get rid of dark spots at the same time? With bio10, you can do it.