The ABC of skin care in autumn

Long walks in the sunshine, laughter and naps, sand in your bag and a thousand unforgettable experiences… you’ve certainly had a busy summer! However, a new stage is upon us. Autumn is here and it’s just what your skin was looking forward to! After all that sun, chlorine and salt, your skin needs a break. That’s why Bella Aurora makes it easy for you to introduce some good habits in your beauty ritual.

A – Cleanse and exfoliate

The essential first step to restoring vitality to your complexion is a deep cleanse morning and night. However tired you are, never go to bed with make-up on your face! And twice a week, remember to add Anti-dark-spot exfoliating gel to your ritual. It sweeps away dead cells and prepares the skin to absorb any treatments you apply.

It is a myth that exfoliation removes a tan. It just isn’t true! Exfoliating creams have a superficial effect, and the melanin pigments of a tan are found in the deeper layers of the skin. In fact, your tan will look much nicer!

B – Moisturise and treat!

The sun may have left some unwanted traces on your face… your memories of summer should not be visible on your skin! With bio10 shock treatment you have a solution to dark spots! With concentrated depigmenting ingredients, it helps to combat dark marks for an even skin tone. There is one for each type of skin so you can get the specific care you need as well as treating skin pigmentation. Apply morning and night for at least 10 weeks before your daily moisturising cream, and your face will look healthy, hydrated and free of dark spots.


C- Protect yourself from the sun!

Remember that your skin needs protection 365 days of the year! To ensure you get maximum protection from UVA – UVB – IR – HEV visible light, SPF50+ Sunscreen by Bella Aurora contains depigmenting ingredients that prevent the appearance of dark spots. Choose the one that suits you best and don’t leave home without it!

So now you’ve got it, and you’re ready to face the change of season with more energy than ever!