Does my mobile phone screen affect my skin?

pantalla de mi móvil

You’re likely to be reading this on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone screen.

That’s the way things are. Technology is part of our lives and it is with us almost all day.

Whether at work or at home, we spend long hours staring at all kinds of digital devices under artificial light. It’s hardly surprising that our eyes feel tired at night and we get headaches. It’s exhausting! But did you know that, even though you may not have any warning signs, this screen time also damages your skin?

“High Energy Visible” (HEV) light is also known as blue light. Of all the light that the human eye can capture, this is the type closest to UV light (Ultraviolet). Electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, tablets, as well as fluorescent and LED lights, emit HEV light.

Despite the fact that these devices emit less intense HEV light than the sun, our proximity, and long periods spent in front of these screens have long-term effects on the skin such as premature aging, skin blemishes and dehydration.

That’s why Bella Aurora has included specific formulas that help protect your skin from blue light in its sunscreens. You’ll find these ingredients in SPF50+ anti-ageing serum, pre-base perfecting make up SPF50+, in Beach&Sport SPF50+ sunscreen and in anti-dark spot sunscreen lotion SPF50+ for normal-dry skin and in the version for sensitive skin.

All of them, in addition to protecting your skin from UVB, UVA and Infrared (IR), ensure optimal daily protection against HEV and have active anti-ageing, anti-dark-spot ingredients and antioxidants to prevent premature skin ageing, skin blemishes and cellular oxidation.

So, now you know: be sure to protect you from harmful light indoors and outdoors and your skin will thank you!