“I do”


The countdown has started for one of the most important days of your life and you want everything to look perfect, down to the last detail! The dress, the rings, the guests… you want a day full of smiles and you’ll want your skin to reflect your happiness. For a glowing, perfect complexion on your wedding day, start taking care of it today.

Our bio10 shock treatment will be your best ally for perfectly moisturised skin without dark spots. It is formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients that work on all seven mechanisms in the depigmenting process, both to treat existing dark marks and prevent the appearance of new ones. In addition, its regenerative properties and anti-ageing ingredients give your face all the moisture it needs, to prevent loss of firmness and improve skin tone by softening imperfections.

There is a bio10 for every skin type, whether normal, dry, mixed, greasy or sensitive. Include it in your beauty routine before the big day, applying to a perfectly cleansed face, morning and evening. And to complete your anti-dark-spot routine, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin twice weekly in the evening and use anti-dark spot sunscreen with SPF50+.

The big day is almost here, and every minute counts if you want to look as beautiful as possible when you say, “I do!”. Long live the bride and groom!