Feel twice as young at 40

Cuidado de la piel a los 40

If you’re 40 or almost 40, you are sure to have noticed some changes… You have clear ideas about things, you’re more confident… and it shows. However, your skin also evolves and starts changing, becoming less firm and bright as collagen synthesis slows down. The first expression lines start to appear…

Little tell-tell signs are warning you that it’s time to step up your beauty routine. If you want fresh, radiant skin, follow these tips from Bella Aurora. Take note!

  1. Start the day in front of the mirror and smile! There’s nothing better than waking up with an optimistic attitude. Remember to deeply cleanse your skin every morning with Micellar Solution or Micellar Gel for Sensitive Skins. It will freshen and soothe your skin.
  2. Revitalise your face with bella anti-ageing day treatment. It reduce the feeling of fatigue, softens expression lines and gives your skin a daily dose of moisture and brightness. It also contains anti-pollution ingredients that protect from environmental contamination.
  3. If you want specific care for the delicate eye area, apply eyes contour corrector for younger, sparkling eyes!
  4. Charge your batteries! Make yourself a delicious breakfast with fruit, cereals, oats… A balanced diet and correct hydration are essential for good health inside and out.
  5. Don’t leave home without applying your favourite sunscreen to protect your skin from solar radiation and prevent the appearance of dark spots. Bella Aurora has an extensive range of products, so you’re sure to find one perfect for you! If you like your anti-dark-spot sunscreen to have a hint of colour, you’ll just love CC Anti-Dark-Spot Cream SPF50+!

Follow our advice every day and your skin will look youthful and glowing!