Feel great during pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, when you deserve to spoil and pamper yourself more than ever. Get as much rest as you can, be positive and practice mindfulness as daily priorities, to transmit as much calm as possible to that new little heart beating inside of you.

While you are pregnant, however, metabolic changes also have an effect on your appearance. Your body is affected by numerous hormonal changes that affect the skin, which develops stretch marks due to loss of body fluids and the appearance of skin conditions like the dreaded melasma or the mask of pregnancy. Dark marks tend to appear over the top lip, forehead or cheeks in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.


bio10 shock treatment, number 1 for skin depigmentation, is the best solution for keeping your face healthy, hydrated, and free of dark spots. It is formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients that work on all seven mechanisms in the depigmenting process, treating existing dark spots and prevent the appearance of new ones. It has regenerating properties that provide all the hydration you need, improving skin collagen and reducing skin inflammation, all in a single product! Every woman is unique, that’s why there’s a bio10 for each skin type: normal/drymixed/greasy and sensitive.

Mums start caring for their babies even while they are still pregnant. Bella Aurora knows that mums-to-be often worry that the ingredients in cosmetics might hurt their babies. For your peace of mind, all Bella Aurora products are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, since they contain no acidic or aggressive ingredients that can be absorbed by the body. What’s more, because they are not photosensitive, you can use them all year round.

And remember: this is a unique time of your life. Relax, let everyone take care of you and remember that soon, you’ll have a new love in your life.