Welcome springtime!

Have you prepared your skin for the change of season? Don’t worry! You still have time! Follow Bella Aurora’s simple, useful tips and have beautiful skin this springtime.

You may have noticed that the winter cold has left your skin looking dry and dehydrated. To regain that dewy appearance, your skin needs an extra shot of moisture and protection. Splendor and bella ranges by Bella Aurora will leave your skin glowing and flexible again.

bella anti-ageing treatments for women aged 35 years and over, deeply moisturise and repair the skin’s natural barrier, helping to protect it from harmful external influences. If you have mature skin, your skin will benefit greatly from Splendor10 anti-ageing treatment. One of the ingredients, Camellia Oil, provides 24 hours of moisture and gives the skin the energy it needs for daily life. Remember, deep cleansing is essential before applying these creams to ensure that they penetrate properly.

In Spring, the sun’s rays become fiercer and we spend more time outdoors. As you know, the sun is the main responsible for the appearance of dark spots and premature skin ageing. You’re sure to find the perfect anti-dark-spot sun protection product in the Bella Aurora range to suit your skin type and lifestyle.

So, now you know, prepare your skin for warmer weather and start enjoying this lovely time of year!