Feel radiant this weekend!

Take advantage these days to relax and care for yourself. Slow things down and spend a few minutes looking after your skin every day. It’s an important part of your body and it needs care and pampering every day! We have a two-step routine to keep your skin glowing.

  • Cleanse: an essential part of your beauty routine. Depending on your skin type and preferred texture, you can choose between Anti-dark spot micellar lotion and Micellar gel for sensitive skin. This is an important step you should never leave out! You should also exfoliate your skin once weekly.
  • Moisturising is essential if you want well balanced skin and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging. If you want to get rid of small dark spots as you moisturise your skin and treat the signs of ageing, we recommend b7 daily anti-ageing and anti-dark-spot cream. Your skin will look youthful, bright and free of dark spots! Bella Aurora produces a b7 cream for every skin type: combination/oily, normal/dry and sensitive. Choose the right one for you!
  • If you have mature skin and want a specific anti-ageing treatment, we recommend the Splendor range. Splendor10 day and Splendor10 night combat the ten signs of skin ageing, prevent sagging and provide even difficult skin with all the nutrients it needs. And never forget that sun protection is an essential part of every “beauty” routine.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy yourself!