Love, love, love…

Can you feel it? Love is in the air! There’s just a week to go until St Valentine’s day, the perfect excuse for a special dinner or a romantic getaway with the one who fills your life with unforgettable moments. You want your skin to look impeccable on the big night, right? So, don’t be lazy! Spend some time pampering yourself because, just like love, your skin needs care and attention every day!

Bella Aurora has an basic three-step plan to give you beautiful skin for love’s magical night: cleanse, moisturise and protect from the sun.

Cleansing is the most important step. Do this morning and night, even if you don’t wear makeup. Treatments are not nearly so effective if you skip this step. Depending on your skin type and preferences for textures, you can choose from Micellar Anti-Dark Spot Solution and Micellar Gel Sensitive Skin. However, if you like the feel of water, Serenité beauty soap is perfect for you. The clock is ticking, so never, ever skip this step!

Moisturising is essential if you want to balance your skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging. Choose the right treatment according to your age. Bella Day and Bella Night are ideal for the over-35s. If you have mature skin, Splendor10 Day and Splendor10 Night, which act on the ten signs of skin ageing, are for you.

Last comes your sunscreen. Sunscreen in winter? Solar radiation isn’t just there in summer. Even on cold, cloudy days, it affects your skin, causing gradual, cumulative damage. Bella Aurora’s solar range provides optimal protection, treating existing dark spots and stopping new ones from appearing, while protecting you from skin ageing. There’s no excuse, there’s one for every skin type.

Don’t wait another day! Start looking after your skin today…