Have brighter eyes in 2018

We’ve got two things to tell you that will brighten your day… To start with, it’s Friday! (as though you hadn’t noticed). What’s more, January has just begun, and there’s still time to make and stick to your New Year’s resolutions!

How about resolving to brighten up your eyes in 2018? Who knows, a little pampering might help you to see the world differently, more optimistically, more lovingly, or to learn something new. Those are all great goals, of course, and so is looking younger, fresher, and livelier… and that’s where Bella Aurora comes in.

You probably know that the skin in the eye area is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, but did you know that we blink 12,000 times every day? This means that the eye area is very delicate, blood flow in the microcirculation is slow and the signs of ageing are far more obvious on this part of the face.

To treat this extremely delicate area, so important to facial expressions, Bella Aurora recommends its new eye contour treatment, Eyes.eyes contorno de ojos

Eyes acts on all fronts, reducing dark shadows and the appearance of puffiness, reducing wrinkles and lifting the upper eyelid, lightening dark spots and forming a protective shield with anti-pollution substances and IR radiation protection. Eyes not only treats, but also prevents the signs of ageing.

The effects are visible in just seven days!

How should I apply it? 
Use morning and night, patting in gently with the ring finger (the weakest finger) around the eye area, just above the bone. You can also use sweeping motions over noticeable expression lines and the lip contour or rictus.
Then apply your usual cream or treatment to the rest of your face.

Get ready for brighter eyes in 2018!