What does your cream have in common with the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017?

The same thing happens every night. As soon as you sit on the sofa, you fall asleep. It’s happened so many times that you’ve stopped trying to hide it. And what happens when you get on a treadmill? And how about yoga classes? Whenever you decide to do some exercise you seem to turn into a yawning machine. Don’t despair! This happens to a lot of people and what’s more, there’s a solution! The time has come to pay attention to your circadian rhythm and stop living against the clock.

Three American scientists, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017 for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm, analysing physical, mental and behavioural changes that take place at day and at night, following a rhythm of approximately 24 hours. These changes act as the body’s inner clock.

Based on this discovery, many believe that in the future we will develop healthier lifestyles and treatments will be customised and, therefore, more effective. If almost all the cells of the human body have their own, self-regulating internal clocks, we will be able to calculate the best time for a person to take a particular drug, or the best time to apply a cosmetic treatment to regenerate the skin, for example. We will also be able to pinpoint the best time of day to do sport, the best time for lunch or dinner, among other things.

Every day, we have numerous opportunities to listen to our biological rhythm and start paying attention to it. Right now, as you are reading this post, you could be noticing things that you could change to improve your quality of life, health, appearance and, of course, happiness.

Among the small steps we can take towards this, is making us enjoy of the benefits of creams and treatments which are formulated to respect the skin’s circadian rhythm. When they created Bella Night, the scientists at Bella Aurora laboratories found a solution that synchronises with the circadian clock cells and provides the energy required to recover the natural cell regeneration and repair process at night, giving the nocturnal activity of the cells an extra boost.

Are you looking for a cream you can trust? Now you have a cream worthy of a Nobel prize!