How can I improve the results of my beauty routine?

Today, we’re going to talk about the small movements which, without realising, we repeat almost automatically, day after day, in front of the mirror. Today’s post is about your beauty routine and how you can improve it. We all have a beauty ritual to which we have been loyal for some time. Specifying the exact moment when we started it is almost as difficult as rethinking it.

Over time, it is advisable to adapt your daily care routine to your skin’s needs. Your skin has specific as well as one-off needs and, in most cases, highly positive results can be achieved by introducing a small change into your habits.

Bearing two of these needs in mind, Bella Aurora has launched two single-dose innovative concentrates that allow you to include a dark spot treatment and an intensive illuminating treatment into your daily beauty routine.


neoskin dark spot concentrate this concentrate offers the efficacy of the renowned Bella Aurora dark spot method. As it comes in single-dose capsules, you can get better results. It is best applied at night to clean skin before your habitual cream or treatment. Its silky texture will gently caress your face!



bella dark spot illuminating concentrate: unifies and illuminates the tone of your skin, giving it its natural splendour. It mitigates dark spots and imperfections; protects the skin and prevents premature ageing. The content of the capsule is applied in the morning to a clean face with a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed. You can then apply your usual cream or treatment.


Now that you know about the new ways to improve your skincare, all you have to do is make the change! Your skin will thank you for it!