New Splendor10 nurtures your skin with innovative technology

Bella Aurora has relaunched Splendor10 anti-ageing treatment, which is on the way to becoming cream of choice for women who want effective nourishment for their skin.
The new Splendor10 range now comes in two versions, specific anti-ageing day and night creams, to meet the skin’s needs for different active substances at different times of day.
Bella Aurora’s new launch provides mature skin with the care it needs, applying innovative technology based on epigenetics. This revolutionary scientific discipline studies how our environments and way of life influence our genes, and therefore, our skin. Bella Aurora’s labs have applied this new technology to two new Splendor10 treatments, which adapt to each skin’s history to act on genes that influence skin ageing. To do this, they use Royal Jelly Peptide, which is capable of changing gene expression without changing the sequence of DNA. This new peptide activates regeneration in ageing skin, evens out skin tone and encourages protein regeneration.