Keeping your tan after you get home

This summer has been amazing… sun and sand on the beach, and fun with friends and family. However, all good things come to an end, the holidays are over and it’s almost time to get back to the routine. At least you have the memories of a marvellous summer.

If you want to go back to the office with a smile on your face, ready to share your adventures, you’ll want to keep your tan for longer… Follow some simple tips and keep that flattering colour. Summer will even seem to last a little longer!




Colour cream SPF50+ anti-dark spots is an important ally for your skin. It gives an even complexion, with no blemishes. This touch of colour adapts to any skin tone and leaves you glowing, with a luminous, perfectly moisturised complexion. Enhance your tan naturally and give your skin a healthier look, so that you look sun-kissed for longer!




body oil



Well-moisturised skin is one of keys to keeping your tan for longer. Body Oil non-greasy oil for the face and body softens and deep-moisturises, speeding up skin renewal, treating dark spots and reducing skin damage caused by the sun. Formulated with an exclusive selection of essential oils, with a texture that is light and quickly absorbed, it leaves skin firm, smooth and nourished. Prepare your skin for going back to work.



Gel exfoliante


Lastly, exfoliation. This is one of the most common questions when we come back from our holidays. If I use a scrub, will I lose my tan? The answer is no. Not at all! A gentle scrub removes dead skin cells so that moisturising agents in creams can penetrate and keep skin smooth, for an even tan. You will prevent the dark spots and uneven areas from appearing when your tan disappears. Anti-dark spot exfoliant gel deep cleanses the skin, gently removing impurities and dead cells. We recommend you always use it at night.



Keep summer going and it will be far easier to get back into your usual routine!