Summer without dark spots

The long-awaited holidays are here, full of fun, friends, travel, beaches and swimming pools and, best of all, the chance to rest. This is your time to take a break and enjoy some positive energy.

You’ve probably made plans for your well-deserved days off, for barbecues with friends, a romantic getaway or long days lying in the sun on a lounger. We don’t want your skin to suffer, so we have some tips for keeping your skin in good condition without sacrificing the good times!

  1. Cleanse and scrub: your best friends.Keep your skin beautifully clean. We recommend using Micellar Water or Micellar Gel (if you have sensitive skin) and, twice a week, use Exfoliant Gel to help your skin to regenerate and look clean and fresh!
  2. Always protect your skin!You must always remember to protect your skin from the sun. To enjoy the energy and benefits of the sun, use specialised products to avoid negative reactions. Use your sun protector SPF50 every day, and say goodbye to dark spots!
  3. Fruits and vegetables are a great ally! To get the gorgeous tan you’ve been dreaming of, it is very important to prepare your body from within. Remember that foods like carrots help you get a healthy, more even tan.
  4. Prevention is better than cure! Don’t forget to look after your skin after you get home. We recommend Sun Repair, a product that repairs cell DNA, soothes and refreshes, preventing inflammation after exposure to the sun. Have a relaxing shower and then apply Sun Repair. Your skin will feel fabulous!

Now you know! Say yes to #MyBellaAuroraSummer!