Bella Aurora: a brand with maternal instinct

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we do not want to miss this opportunity to express our appreciation. We want to thank all the world’s mums for their infinite patience, for their unconditional love, that time takes care of everything and that, although they may say, “one day I’ll be out of here”, they will always be part of our lives.

It is difficult to talk about Bella Aurora without being reminded of a world of aromas, beauty secrets and rituals shared by mothers and their daughters. Bella Aurora has symbolised beauty passed down like family secrets for more than a hundred years. This is its most precious legacy.

Lara Roya, Laura Baquero, Alejandra Delgado and Ana Leal are four of the 200 mums who spend every day preserving the legacy of a historic brand. They focus on the future where they imagine their dreams for their children. They are unique mums, as unique as their connection with their little ones, which is obvious every time we see them running after them, protecting them from the inevitable bumps and falls.

Perhaps this is the real secret to Bella Aurora’s formulas. The next time you open your cream, you may notice a hint of laughter from Lara and Arlet, kisses from Laura, Laia and Pol, love from Alejandra and Lucía and understanding from Ana, Max and Leo. These are things that science will never understand or explain, but mothers always can!

Happy Mother’s Day!