Building the future of skin depigmentation

On World Creativity and Innovation Day, we are delighted to introduce you to the R&D team at Bella Aurora Labs. A motivated group of people who don’t like hanging about! They don’t take “no” for an answer, which is why they have emerged from their sterile laboratory to have their picture taken among scaffolding and rubble. The photograph is the perfect metaphor. After decades of meticulous research, they feel responsible for making a change, and are working on an ambitious project: Building the future of skin depigmentation.

“Our goal is to be the world’s specialist in skin depigmentation. That’s why we constantly update our knowledge in this area, conducting research into new depigmentation mechanisms, collaborating with universities and research centres to develop new active substances and studying and analysing new ingredients and competing products that appear in the market,” said Jordi Segura, Research and Development manager of Bella Aurora Labs.

“One in three women has problems with dark spots on the skin”, he continued. “We are committed to putting smiles back on their faces, because if we can fade these dark spots, we can boost their self-esteem, and make a lot of women happy. These smiles are what motivate us and encourage us to persist with ambitious projects such as our skin cell culture laboratory. This laboratory is already a driving force for our research and development. It enables us to study depigmentation mechanisms, evaluate new active substances, and analyse the effectiveness of our products and those of our competitors. Now, more than ever, we can assure you that Bella Aurora supplies the most effective depigmenting products”.


Photo (from right to left): Jordi Segura, Carmina Armenteras, Estrella Lorente, María José Pérez, Susanna Roca and Sergi Hernandez. Anna Farré has just had a baby, which is why she is not in the photo.