When the sun comes out, put on a happy face!

It’s official! The good weather is here to stay! Sunny days tempt us to take long walks, weekend breaks in the countryside and trips to the beach and to make plans to enjoy our free time with our friends and families. We are energised and keen to go out and experience new things. But at the same time, a nagging little voice in your ear is whispering: “Summer’s on the way, operation bikini starts tomorrow”.

If you are about to start “operation bikini”, we have a plan that will have your skin looking perfect. It’s so easy! All you need to do is follow the advice of Miriam Guerra, the Beauty Coach Bella at Aurora. Start today!

Tip 1: It’s always a good time to moisturise!

Bella Día

Your skin needs an extra dose of moisture to recover elasticity after the cold weather. Using bella daily anti-ageing and anti-dark spot treatment cream will give your skin a burst of moisture and energy to face every new day. With its exquisite combination of natural extracts, bella daily treatment protects the face from environmental pollution and restores brightness, firmness and elasticity to the skin. The formula contains anti-oxidant ingredients such as extract of mountain peony flowers from Jira, Vitamin E and pomegranate stem cells that prevent premature ageing.




Tip 2: Repair from the inside out

Bella Noche

When spring comes, you need creams to repair and regenerate your skin. These act on cell DNA. During the winter, you probably noticed that your face lost some of its elasticity and glow. This is because the blood vessels contract and sebaceous gland secretion slows down. We have something that will turn that situation around.

Bella night repair and anti-dark spots treatment deeply moisturises the skin as you sleep. It is packed with active ingredients that work with your circadian rhythm to repair damaged cell DNA so you will awaken with fresher, smoother skin. We recommend you apply it as a mask for maximum hydration. It has a very light, quickly absorbed texture. You’ll be amazed!


Tip 3: Never without my sun protection!

Protector solar Bella Aurora

The sun puts a spring in your step. It’s true, as the days get longer, we spend more time outdoors. When you venture outside, protection is vital because your skin is not ready for the sun. With SPF50 Sun Protection by Bella Aurora you will be totally protected from UVA, UVB and IR sun damage and, at the same time, it will prevent dark spots from forming with depigmenting ingredients. Protection and treatment in one product! What’s more, there’s a sun protector for every skin type. All you need to do is select the one that suits your individual needs.



The sun is here and it’s time to put on your best face!