Monday and dark circles?

Busy weekend? Dark circles under your eyes? If you’re a mum, you know what we’re talking about (and if you are not a mum, you understand, too) … Here are some tips to make sure that dark circles are not the first thing you see in the mirror and to make Mondays a little easier!

What are dark eye circles?

The bluish colour of dark circles is caused by dilated blood vessels under the eyes. Some known causes of these are: tiredness, lack of sleep and stress, but other factors such as diet and genetics can also be to blame.

You are sure to have noticed that the skin around the eyes is much thinner than that on the rest of your face. This makes it a more sensitive area which is more exposed to external agents. Because the skin is so much thinner, any changes are more noticeable.

Sometimes, as well as dark circles, under eye puffiness occurs when the lower eyelid area becomes inflamed. This is caused by the reasons we have described, as well as fluid retention in the area.

How can I get rid of this problem or make it less noticeable?

If you want to wake up with a fresh face and avoid unsightly under-eye circles, follow our basic tips for optimal results:

. Get a good night’s sleep (we know this can be difficult for mums)

. Sleep face up to improve blood flow

. Drink plenty of water

. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

. Protect your face from the sun

. Moisturise your face, especially the eye contour area

contorno de ojos

To do this, we recommend eye contour from the Splendor range, to provide this area all the specific ingredients that it needs. It reduces puffiness with its draining effect, and reduces dark circles by improving elasticity and softening the skin. Splendor eye contour cream prevents and reduces expression lines and soothes, decongests and prevents inflammation. Its gel texture has an anti-inflammatory effect and it leaves skin feeling fresh.

Apply morning and evening using gentle strokes around the eyes. It is also suitable for sensitive skins and if you wear contact lenses, there is no problem.

An expert trick: Keep your eye contour cream in the refrigerator. It will be even more soothing and relaxing when you use it. You’ll love it!