A drone in my cream?

Bella Aurora is tireless in its research on new generation active ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Now with the use of a Cosmetic Drone in its formulas, the specialists in skin spots have positioned themselves at the forefront of the cosmetic industry.

Want to find out how a Cosmetic Drone works?

At first, associating two different concepts such as Drone and Cosmetics may sound like a far-fetched idea. However, it is not so if we distance ourselves from the image of an unmanned aerial vehicle and picture a smart direction system for active ingredients, with different release systems that enable these active ingredients to effectively reach the areas of the skin we want to treat. This transfer of medical technology to the cosmetic sphere maximises effectiveness and reduces risks and adverse effects.
With a Cosmetic Drone, Bella Aurora has observed more effective results since the encapsulated active ingredient reaches the target cell (melanocytes, keratinocytes, fibroblasts, etc.) and is released inside the cell. These capsules measure between 175 and 300 nanometres and are composed of a dual layer: the inner layer is made of polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA), whose use is widespread in drugs, and the outer layer is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). To direct X50 Capsules™ to the target cell, a peptide ligand forms a covalent bond with the outer layer of the capsule. It directs the capsule to a specific receptor on the target cell, thus transforming the whole structure into a Cosmetic Drone. The active ingredients inside the X50 Capsules™ are time-released by simple diffusion.

This new drone technology represents a step forward in the evolution of active ingredient release systems as it allows us to precisely select target cells and release active ingredients in the cell nucleus.

In which products will you feel the effects of the Cosmetic Drone?

The new L+ Localised Treatment for Sensitive Skin is the first Bella Aurora product to apply this innovative technology, which helps active ingredients to directly localise their anti-dark spots effects in the DNA of cells and thus maximise effectiveness.

“Cosmetic Drones have enabled us to move forward in our research on localised action treatments such as L+ for Sensitive Skin. In addition to working on 7 depigmenting mechanisms while offering an effective anti-dark spots action, it only works on the areas where it detects excess pigmentation. We have used a combination of depigmenting peptides in a smart capsule that penetrates the epidermis and heads towards target cells to release active ingredients in stimulated melanocytes, without affecting nearby non-melanocytic cells,” explains Jordi Segura, Director of Research and Development at Bella Aurora Labs.