Bella Aurora Labs: a new business success story for international learning at IESE business school

In late November, Barcelona hosted the 4th edition of the Examples of Strategic Change, a project that sprung forth from the collaboration between the Catalan Agency for Company Competitiveness (Acció) and IESE Business School.

During the ceremony, three examples of business success were presented, including the example of Bella Aurora Labs. IESE paid tribute to the latter for the way it has been able to adapt to the new challenges of an ever-changing global market.

José Luis Nueno, professor of Business Management at IESE and Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard University, compared Bella Aurora’s cosmetics brand to a “phoenix that has emerged from the ashes and, backed by web 2.0, revitalises its brand equity and achieves double digit growth year after year.”

Josep Maria Martinez Ribes, CEO of Bella Aurora Labs, added that Bella Aurora’s growth was a product of the positive philosophy of its team of more than 200 people who are committed to company values and customer service.

“We work towards making people feel good. Our mission is precisely the following: We work from the heart so that you feel good. By serving others, we better ourselves. In short, working from the heart, serving and improving to make others feel good. That’s how we approach and give meaning to our work. This is the message I would like students from IESE to take with them when they have Bella Aurora Labs’ case study on the table in front of them,” explained Josep Maria Martinez Ribes.