While you sleep…

While you sleep…Bella Aurora regulates your skin’s circadian clock.

Did you know that the healing power of sleep is the best beauty cure? Every night, when you close your eyes to rest, your breathing becomes deeper and your body activates repair and self-regeneration mechanisms. Your skin also carries out repair activities while you sleep. It restores its barrier function, activates microcirculation and drainage and eliminates toxins.

Circadian rhythms

According to recent studies carried out by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), cells also have an internal clock that tells them almost exactly what time it is, and based on this it determines their functions.

“Skin cells have a perfect rhythm that depends on the time of day. This rhythm is regulated by hours of sunlight, temperature and other factors. Starting at 10am, cells start to prepare themselves for UV ray protection. In the afternoon, cells multiply and at night they separate so that each can fulfil its function. We lose cells every day, and at night new ones are created to start a new cycle,” explains Anna Farré, formulator at Bella Aurora Labs.

Bella Noche

Bella Aurora Labs have studied these rhythms and have come to two conclusions: Indeed, skin cells, like melanocytes and keratinocytes, act together and have greater regeneration and repair power at night. On the other hand, various factors can slow down or upset this process.

“Exposure to the sun, UV rays and the passage of time can interrupt these rhythms and prevent cell regeneration from occurring at night. After exposure to UV rays, the expression of CLOCK genes– one of the most important genes responsible for adjusting cycles- can be altered for up to 60 hours. As a result, the circadian rhythm of our skin is also affected and will not be able to follow its regular cycle,” explains Anna Farré.
That’s why, Bella Aurora Labs have included in its new sleeping cream Bella Night active ingredients with regenerative and repair properties that provide an extra boost to your cells’ night-time activities.