Fed up with redness?

With the arrival of cold weather, our skin takes a beating and becomes damaged if we don’t moisturise it and give it the care it needs.

In terms of sensitive skin, the change in temperatures causes even more damage. The sudden arrival of cold weather is an external aggression that deeply affects sensitive skin because it does not have the natural protection normal skin has.

Sensitive skin lacks a proper barrier function which is in charge of preventing external aggressions from causing damage to our skin. Another and more visible characteristic of this skin type is its capillary fragility: capillaries easily dilate and generate the redness that we so want to get rid of.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising. This skin type needs the basic care that all skin types need; however, we should use products with active ingredients that control sensitivity, such as hydrolysate of the “five-flavour berry” to soothe your skin and reduce redness.

To strengthen the weak barrier function and prevent redness, two main characteristics of sensitive skin, Bella Aurora has expanded its sensitive skin line with the b7 daily anti-dark spots care and Micellar Gel for sensitive skin.

The b7 daily anti-dark spots care protects all layers of the skin from external aggressions and regulates inflammation as well as excessively fragile capillaries in our skin. Furthermore, it has anti-dark spot active ingredients such as pomegranate stem cells which depigment and illuminate skin.

Furthermore, the Micellar Gel leaves sensitive skin types feeling deeply cleansed and soothed with no irritation thanks to its blend of Bisabolol and Arabian Cotton stem cells.

Check out our entire line for sensitive skin and enjoy winter without the redness!