Bella Aurora inaugurates its cell culture laboratory

Bella Aurora Labs celebrates World Science Day by announcing the opening of its new cell culture laboratory. According to the Director of Research and Development (R&D) Jordi Segura, “with the new facilities, we will be able to implement the methods that demonstrate Bella Aurora has the most effective depigmenting products on the market”.

To consolidate the project, Sergi Hernández joined the Bella Aurora Labs R&D team as Fundamental Research Manager and explains, “in the new cell culture laboratory, we will use reconstructed human pigmented epidermis (RHPE) as an in vitro model of skin to prove the effective depigmenting power of our products”. 

Laboratorio Bella AuroraAs a result, we will be able to measure to what degree the level of melanin content in the skin decreases (melanin is what gives spots their colour) and the uniformity of skin tone. Furthermore, as a preliminary step, we can carry out irritability tests much quicker than with in vivo studies (with people).

“We will also be able to fine-tune our knowledge on how the different active ingredients behave, thus enabling us to be much more meticulous when it comes to selecting the active ingredients with the most effective depigmenting mechanisms. All this scientific knowledge will help us to create synergies between active ingredients and the most innovative and effective alternatives that are beneficial to our skin”, asserts Sergi Hernández.

With more than 100 years’ experience and many studies carried out on skin pigmentation, Bella Aurora is known as a leading brand in all fields. Its commitment to innovation can be seen in the active ingredients it selects, its formulas, packaging and textures. Now, with its new cell culture laboratory, Bella Aurora takes an important step in consolidating its position as a global specialist in depigmentation.