“Mum, today we’re having breakfast with Bella Aurora!”

To celebrate Bella Aurora’s 125 years uniting generations, we invited four blogging mums to come spend a fun-filled morning with their little ones. And in just a matter of seconds, we discovered that a family breakfast can become a spirited revolution….

We’re having breakfast with Bella Aurora

As soon as they stepped foot in Bella Aurora, the little explorers took possession of the offices with authentic expeditions to every nook and cranny. Eric, Valeria, Adriana and Laura wanted to leave their mark and show that if their mothers were the stars of Madresfera then they were the real artists…and in just a few minutes they transformed a chalkboard wall into a very original and colourful Photocall backdrop.

Photocall Bella Aurora

One of the activities for the children was to add spunk and colour to the packaging of the bio10 anti dark spot shock treatment so that their mums would have a personalised souvenir from their children to take home with them. They let their imagination run wild and came up with some authentic works of art!

Personalized packaging

Always alert, mommies Nerea Baringue from the blog Las Inquietudes de Nerea; Laura Herder from the blog Lauralicious; Anabel Verneda from La Nave del Bebé and Lucía Rubio, author of the blogs Planeando ser Padres and Mamá Curvy, shared their experiences as bloggers and mothers but, above all, also shared their opinions of Bella Aurora. After, they proudly posed with their children in front of the wacky Photocall backdrop.


Photocall Bella Aurora 2

Photocall Bella Aurora 1

Photocall Bella Aurora 3

Photocall Bella Aurora 4

Also joining us for breakfast was Sylvia Gonzalez, a consumer who became part of the family after winning in May the contest Live a Bella Aurora Day. (You can read the post from that day here). Sylvia wanted to share the moment with her sister Mari, who is as friendly and passionate about Bella Aurora as Sylvia is.

Sylvia y Mari Gonzalez

Another activity the R&D Department offered the guests was a fun workshop where they could create a personalised cream adapted to their skin type.

Workshop didáctico BA

Crema personalizada Bella Aurora

It was a pleasure spending a morning with such close-knit families. To show our thanks for their affection towards the Bella Aurora brand, we wanted them to take home a selection of products from the brand, showcasing the bio10 customised by the little ones.

Lote bio10 personalizado

A big thanks to everyone for spending the morning with Bella Aurora and we hope to see you all very soon!