5 tips for spot-free skin this summer

With the arrival of summer comes the desire to pamper ourselves and show off our radiance. For this, we need to be confident and sure of ourselves and know that we are fantastic so our best side shines through. One of the things that most concerns us is our skin which is why we should start caring for it right now.

With Bella Aurora, you can pamper yourself all year round. Its product formulas do not contain photosensitive ingredients so you can use them even in summer!

Follow Bella Aurora’s 5 tips and enjoy spot-free skin:

  1. If spots have appeared on your skin due to sun exposure or hormonal changes, start applying bio10 anti-dark spots treatment. Remember, now you have a bio10 for every skin type!
  2. Exfoliate your skin every week at night to achieve flawless skin and speed up the results of the treatments you are applying to your skin. For this, we recommend Exfoliating Gel, which in addition to providing a gentle exfoliation also combats dark spots!
  3. Remember to always protect yourself from the sun. It’s essential to apply high SPF sun protection according to your skin type. The Fluid Sunscreen 50+ not only protects you from UV and UVB rays but also from IR radiation (infrared radiation), which causes premature skin ageing. Don’t leave home without it!
  4. Lastly, when you come back from spending an entire day out in the sun, have a refreshing shower and apply Sun Repair. You will prevent the appearance of dark spots by distributing the accumulation of melanin throughout the skin. This summer, you will sport a gorgeous tan.
  5. Now that you’ve been following the four previous points, all that is left to do is continue applying the B7 hydrating cream for perfect moisture.

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And a sixth tip….disconnect, relax and enjoy summer to the max!