Now there is a bio10 for every skin type

You already know that bio10 is an effective depigmenting treatment but what you are about to find is that now there is a bio10 designed especially for you.


Every woman is unique and different, just like her skin. In order to adapt to each woman’s needs, Bella Aurora has reformulated its most effective product: bio10 anti-dark spots treatment.

Thanks to its three new versions, for dry skin, combination to oily skin and sensitive skin, bio10 is the first depigmenting treatment on the market that adapts to the needs of each skin type.

Blue for dry skin

If you have spots and dry skin, bio10 anti-dark spots fluid is your treatment. Its active ingredients effectively address melanin and lipofuscin spots in addition to providing intense and long-lasting hydration. It protects the skin’s barrier from daily aggressions and soothes and reduces irritation and inflammation. It has anti-wrinkle, anti-age and antioxidant properties, contains solar protection (SPF 15) and combats free radicals.

Pink for combination-oily skin

If your skin is combination or oily, bio10 anti-dark spots serum is the best solution. The effects of the depigmenting active ingredients that combat dark spots are enhanced with the treatment for combination and oily skin to improve hydration and firmness. It reduces redness and pore size, enhances suppleness while soothing and reducing irritation and inflammation. It has anti-age and sebum-regulating properties and thanks to its serum texture and matt finish, the skin doesn’t feel oily. Since this product is for combination and oily skin, it is oil-free.

Beige for sensitive skin

The bio10 anti-dark spots serum intensive treatment for sensitive skin blends depigmenting active ingredients of proven efficacy into a triple action formula. On the one hand, it treats hyperpigmentation and, on the other, improves the symptoms of sensitive skin (soothes, hydrates and provides smoothness). Lastly it strengthens the dermal-epidermal barrier.

Its new formula has been meticulously designed to incorporate excipients in the lowest concentration that best respect the skin. It does not contain parabens or colouring agents, thus preventing allergic reactions and hypersensitivity. It contains plant-based emollients instead of silicone-based ones to condition, soothe and hydrate skin. Its perfume is allergen-free.

Bella Aurora is concerned about your well-being and that is why now there is a bio10 for every skin type, even the most sensitive ones.

We eliminate dark spots while pampering your skin. This is the true secret behind Bella Aurora.