Skin care at 40s

Now we realize that we have had too much sun, we appear small lines, the profile of our face is blurred and the skin is less elastic.The cleaning routine through cleansing milk and tonic provides cleansing and moisturizing in a single gesture. We use creams whose principal is “anti-aging” function, a wrinkle in the morning and a restful night balm, Bella Aurora has designed two special developments.
Age solution is the answer to skin aging thanks to the combination of assets that are fused to provide a powerful anti-wrinkle action, an increase in skin firmness in addition to moisturize and prevent skin blemishes, unifying skin tone.
Overnight is the ideal offer for those skin defense and repair mechanisms that allow comfort for lost time. The skin regains its balance, reinforcing the natural defenses and increase cellular energy levels for the morning, the features of fatigue are gone.
Night solution gets more nourished and repaired skin, preventing the appearance of spots, soothe and moisturize and soften fine lines. And do not leave your scrub, sunscreen and eye contour!!