Skin care at 20s

It is the heyday of the skin, is its best and all components work (or should) to perfection. However it is important not to fall into the habit of sunbathing without thinking about tomorrow and thus you will extend the life of our firm and smooth skin.

This is the time for prevention! This is the most important time to do this as this is the age when the skin reacts best to treatment. However it makes no sense to start using products that you do not need. The best things that we can do to prevent the skin from early aging is not take the sun too much and use lots of sunscreen when you are in the sun and also not smoke. This will prevent stains and small lines that target younger skin.

Cleansing, moisturizing and light are essential for your skin. Simple steps and easy to use products, this does not make them less effective however.

You may have combination or fatty skin, for both types the best thing is to thorough cleanse with Bella Aurora´s Micellar water, a cleanser that does not require rinsing. The micelles contained ensure that it cleanses the face, eyes and lips from impurities and makeup.  It also contains active depigmentational properties.

For an effective treatment we look for a cosmetic that helps to maintain the skin´s barrier function  and that suits each skin type. Bella Aurora has designed the same formula with two textures so you can decide for yourself which suits you.

Hydra Light solution provides intensive hydration and a matte finish. It prevents stains, it has a light, smooth texture, is oil free and perfect for young and dehydrated skin.

Hydra Rich solution gives you intense, lasting hydration for 24 hours. Through its intelligent delivery system that administers the right amount of moisture needed throughout the day. It softens the skin and restores its elasticity and firmness.

If your skin needs a deep cleanse, do not forget your exfoliant. Once or twice a week, apply it and work it in with your fingertips and then leave it exposed as a mask for their enzymatic function do a more thorough cleanse.

There is nothing easier than skin care at 20s right?