The skin and solar radiation

Do you want to know why sun affects our skin so much? Our expert will tell you why.

Solar radiation “life givers” are ultraviolet radiation. A small dose of ultraviolet radiation is beneficial for us. These are stimulants that provide us with a feeling of comfort and help the body to synthesize its own supply of vitamin D. An excess of ultraviolet radiation is lethal to living tissues and therefore, the main function of the skin is to prevent this excess radiation from getting into the body.

To achieve this goal, our body has three natural defense mechanisms:

Tallow: Fat absorbs ultraviolet radiation.

Stratum Conium: Scaly layers of the stratum conium many reflect ultraviolet radiation.

The Melanin Pigment: Getting a tan absorbs a lot of the ultraviolet radiation.

Some people´s skin respond rather quickly to excessive ultraviolet radiation by getting a tan, this type of skin must have a supply of bleached melanin granules. Then UV color develops in the melanin, which is already capable of acting as a filter screen against radiation penetrating  the deeper layers. Other people´s skin, instead of getting a golden tan develop redness (erythema), irritation and sunburn that is painful.

In the video below you can perfectly observe the effects of ultraviolet radiation on different people´s skin.

Despite the sunscreen´s action, prolonged exposure to truly high intensities of ultraviolet radiation will penetrate into the dermis enough to damage the network of collagen and elastic fibers. Regular exposure to the skin on the face, neck and the back of the hands could be harmful enough to lose its strength and elasticity. Something that everyone should be aware of is that it is not only excess sun in the summer that is responsible for the damage to our skin, but also the winter sun, on snow for example reflects entirely on our face and body.

All is not lost however, as if damaged skin is protected from exposure to ultraviolet radiation for a long time by sunscreens, there is the possibility that this skin gradually recovers. The network of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis has considerable resilience and can stop the damage that is induced by ultraviolet radiation.

In Aurora Bella we know that the sun is the main cause of the appearance of skin blemishes and dark spots, so we want and like to keep you informed of all the damage it can cause to your skin and more importantly how to protect yourself.

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