Micellar gel sensitive skin

with green tea extract

250 ml
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Depigmenting and soothing cleansing gel. The micelles contained in the gel cleanse your face, eyes and lips of impurities and makeup without irritating your skin.

Its main active ingredients are Arabian Cotton stem cells and Bisabolol with soothing and antioxidant action and Chromocare with a depigmenting action. It also acts as natural protection for the skin against environmental pollution thanks to the combination of its active ingredients Pronalen Bio-protect-.

Alcohol-free No fragrances. Paraben-free Allergen-free

Application and recommendation

Who is it recommended for?

It is specially formulated for sensitive and delicate skin.


Wet a cotton ball with it and apply to your face and eyes to remove makeup and cleanse skin. No rinsing required.

The assets


Arabian Cotton stem cells Antioxidant and soothing.

Photoprotection against UV rays.

Regenerating: stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.

Photorepair: regulates response to inflammation caused by UV rays.

Bisabolol Component which comes from chamomile or Matricaria recutita.

It soothes the skin and prevents inflammation.



Chromocare Acts on the skin’s chromophores: collagen, haemoglobin and melanin.

Anti-inflammatory action.

Unifies, rejuvenates and illuminates skin tone.



Pronalen Bio-protect Natural protection for the skin against environmental pollution.

Blend of ginseng, wheat, barley, apples and peaches.

A perfect shield against pollutants, cigarette smoke and car exhaust.

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