b7 sensitive skin

anti-dark spots facial care

50 ml
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Daily anti-dark spots and anti-ageing treatment, specially for sensitive and delicate skin. Depigmenting treatment that attenuates dark spots and imperfections to unify skin tone and provide luminosity and intense hydration.

Regenerates and repairs skin, reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Providing maximum care for the most sensitive skin, it strengthens and restores the skin’s natural self-defence system against external agents. Sooths, alleviates, protects and moisturises skin. Reduces redness.

Sun filters SPF20 / UVA / IR. Hypoallergenic. Silicon-free Paraben-free.

Application and recommendation

Who is it recommended for?

Women between the ages of 35 and 50 with sensitive skin who are concerned about keeping their skin looking young, bright and spotless.

Recommended for women with dark spots who seek an ongoing treatment after using bio10 and who aim to depigment and unify skin tone while providing extra care and preventing the signs of skin ageing from appearing.


Apply in the morning and night to your entire face. Lightly massage until complete absorption.

Always remember to complete your treatment with sun protection and exfoliating gel.

The assets


Pomegranate stem cells Depigmenting, antioxidant and illuminating.
Hydrolysate of the “five-flavour berry” Reduces melanin synthesis and limits its distribution. Soothes and unifies. Controls and reduces the appearance of redness



Arabian Cotton stem cells Prevent, repair and protect against damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Antioxidant. Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Reduce inflammation, soothe and regenerate.
Matrixil 3000  Anti-ageing, improves elasticity and tones skin
Betaine Moisturising, traps water and prevents it from evaporating (comes from beetroots).
Squalene from olive oil Improves the water-lipid layer and protects sensitive skin.
Natural mica pigment Gives an iridescent glow to the skin. Minimises dark tone of spots

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