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L+ is a local-effect depigmentation treatment which is ideal treating localized dark spots (from sun, hormones, age, acne, or following inflammation) which build up on the skin. The product works in a concentrated manner only in areas where it detects an excess of melanin and lipofuscin without decolouring the surrounding areas,

With SPF15.

Application and recommendation

Who do you recommend it for?
For those people who are concerned about localized dark spots on their skin.

Morning and evening in the localized area, on clean skin for a minimum of
10 weeks. Then apply the moisturizing treatment for utmost care.

The assets


Mitracarpa extract That inhibit tyrosinase.
Bearberry extract That inhibit tyrosinase and it is antiseptic.
Soybean Isoflavone Inhibits tyrosinase, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Watercress extract Stimulates the activity of the proteasome and it is an



Salicylic acid cleanses and exfoliates
Enzyme from a
biotechnology source
exfoliate enzymatically
Zinc oxide prevents and treats skin irritations.

Ideal for women and young people, that do not use cosmetics on their skin, and seeking an easy dark spots treatment.

For convenience it may be applied on spots anywhere on the body.
It is easy to carry and transport in order to use more continuously.

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