Splendor 10

total regeneration

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SPLENDOR 10 acts on the 10 signs of aging:

  1. Accelerates cellular regeneration from within
  2. Reduces dark spots
  3. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
  4. Re-densifies the skin and increases resistance
  5. Refirms the facial contour, combats sagging
  6. Evens skin tone
  7. Softens skin texture
  8. Protects skin DNA, with SPF 15 UV filter
  9. Intensely rehydrates dry skin
  10. Provides a more luminous and radiant complexion
Application and recommendation

Who do we recommend this for?
Daily care for mature skin for people wishing to fight the 10 signs of age. It has a rich texture which melts on contact with the skin, leaving a
sense of comfort.

Apply morning and evening to a perfectly clean face and neck, gently
massaging in until it is completely absorbed. ¿A quién se lo recomendamos?

The assets


Aldenine® Protects DNA against UVA radiation and enhances collagen production.
Pantetein sulfonato de calcio Regenerates and depigments.
Ácido hialurónico G i v e s volume to the dermis, decreasing the depth of expression lines.
Leuphasyl® + Argeline® Reduces expression lines. Alternative topical
Botulinum Toxin.
Hexapéptido-10 Redensifies and fights against loss of firmness.
Lipomoist® 2022 y 2036 Hydrates, firms and provides elasticity.
Trylagen® Anti-wrinkles and anti-aging.
Tripéptido mimético de la Decorina Returns flexibility.
Glicoproteína del mar Antártico Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Results and efficacy

Proven results:

  • 83% reduction in the number of wrinkles
  • 74% reduction in the length of wrinkles
*A test was conducted by an independent laboratory where Splendor 10 was used on the face of 16 women and the results were taken after 4 weeks of use.

If I use Splendor 10 do I need to use a nourishing night cream too?
No, Splendor10 is a very complete anti-aging cream that is applied day and night without the need to use a nutrative suppliment. Splendor10 acts on the 10 signs of aging that the skin could possibly feel.

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