Age solution

anti-wrinkle & firming

50 ml
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Age solution is a response to aging skin, thanks to combining highly purified glycopeptide from soya + pro-retinol, which fuse in order to deliver a powerful anti-wrinkle action and increase the skin´s firmness.
It prevents moisture loss while providing instant moisturize that is intense and lasting. This is done through an Intelligent release system that administers the right amount of moisture needed.
This cream softens the skin and restores its elasticity and firmness.
It also fights free radicals by stimulating the body’s defenses while protecting it from environmental damage.

Containing assets that prevent dark spots, unify and lighten the skin´s tone.
A generous and melting texture, which ensures a velvety finish, wrapping the skin in a pleasant feeling of comfort.

SPF15 sunscreen.

Application and recommendation

Who do we recommend it for?

Mature skin.
Skin that is taken care of on a daily basis and that wants to be reaffirmed and treated with anti-aging ingredients.

Every morning, apply all over the entire face and neck massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

Remember complement your treatment with Sunscreen SPF50 +, Clarifying Scrub Gel and night treatment cream.

The assets


BiophilicH Improves and repairs the skin´s barrier function. Moisturizes.
Shea butter Soothes and redensifies the skin.
Lactokine Depigments, calms and boosts cell protection.
Pro-retinol Soothes Protects and gives elasticity to the skin.
Pro-col-one Improves the structure of the epidermis and increases the skin´s density reducing wrinkles.
Dragovit F Anti-wrinkle. Protects, softens and prevents the skin from aging.

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