Love your sensitive skin

Cold, sun, wind and pollution all affect sensitive skin, causing dryness, irritation and redness. Sensitive skin, also known as intolerant, reactive or irritable skin, is a skin condition that affects around 11 million people in Spain.

Although diagnosis is largely subjective, it is true to say that most symptoms are due to a deficient barrier function, permeable to irritants. That’s why the innovation and development team at Bella Aurora has formulated a specific range with ingredients that protect delicate skin, strengthening its natural barrier against harmful substances and blocking hypersensitivity.

Intensive bio10 anti-dark-spot serum treatment for sensitive skin as part of a product range with optimal depigmenting efficiency. In a user study on volunteers with facial melasma, after 42 days using the product morning and night, skin pigmentation reduced by up to 91%.

Treating dark spots and preventing the appearance of new ones, bio10 addresses the specific needs of sensitive skin: soothing inflammation and reducing the appearance of visible thread veins and redness.

Apply daily, morning and night, after cleansing with Micellar gel for sensitive skin, a product specifically formulated not to irritate your skin and to ensure optimal efficiency of bio10 shock treatment.

This treatment, specifically recommended for your skin type, provides an immediate, long-lasting sensation of well-being. Try it and you’ll be delighted with the results as your skin recovers its natural splendour.

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