Bella Aurora: a beauty secret 100 years old

Since 1890, Bella Aurora has passed their beauty secrets passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.

We know that we should not underestimate a mother’s advice, they have discovered how to maintain a blemish-free face without spots caused by sun or age. For over 100 years they have relied on Bella Aurora, the only brand specialized in treating blemished skin, and now we want you to trust in the brand too.

Bella Aurora celebrates 100 years in Spain and we believe it is time to share some secrets …

What is Bella Aurora´s secret?

The value of a secret is the heat of a whisper that you feel from those who share it. Bella Aurora has lived more than 100 years in the love that mothers and daughters transmit. A beauty secret whispered from generation to generation.

Do you know where Bella Aurora was born?

Few people know that the birthplace of the brand was in the city of Aurora, near Chicago (USA). There it was created in 1890 by the laboratory Stillman & Co. and in December 1913 it arrived in Spain where for decades it has been a cosmetics brand known in most households. Bella Aurora´s creams conquered hearts with its aroma and unmistakable effectiveness and its iconic phrase: “For youth, beauty and freshness, Bella Aurora every day” so often repeated in newspaper ads and radio spots.

Why is Bella Aurora the only anti dark spots brand that works?

Aurora Bella labs have identified the “seven mechanisms involved in the formation of spots on the skin.” Bella Aurora products are the only ones that act on the seven mechanisms, depigmenting  stains produced by the sun, which appear due to hormonal changes and age.

Why does Bella Aurora works on all skin types?

Bella Aurora products are made with non sensitive ingredients or exfoliating acids so that their products can be applied to all skin types, including sensitive skin, no problem.

We want to tell all our secrets so you stay with us for another 100 years!